A new generation of cannabis experts is gathered by Tarathera who starts a cannabis company.

In 2019, Tarathera was created. The research on cannabis was where it all began. and hemp imported from abroad that was approved and found to have a number of advantages. especially the use of cannabis in alternative medicine. also other cannabis and hemp-related businesses which yet offer great potential for growth In the area of cannabis and hemp, the company provides a business concept in the form of a One-Stop Service. to aid and advance private businesses, institutions of higher learning, investors, or entrepreneurs. interested in the cannabis industry Hemp with the appropriate information in terms of cultivating, breeding, and harvesting crucial, legally pure substances.

However, a team with expertise in cannabis and hemp is part of the company’s strength. For at least 30 years, foreign teams have won numerous prizes for their work on the extraction of significant compounds both nationally and internationally. Additionally, the business collaborated on research projects with Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University’s Department of Medical Cannabis. for the third year in a row. These are all significant competitive advantages for the organization in this industry.


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