According to US research, cannabis’ CBD extract prevents COVID-19 in both human and animal cells.

Researchers from all over the world continue to be interested in the problem of curing COVID-19 and are working to develop new treatment strategies that will be available to all demographic groups. the potential support of more species

A group of scientists from the University of Chicago has discovered proof that “Cannabidiol,” or CBD, a byproduct of the hemp plant, can prevent COVID-19 infection in mice and human cells.

Experts reported Clinical trials should then be carried out to ascertain whether CBD can eventually be utilized to stop or treat COVID-19.

They did issue a warning, though, noting that CBD’s high-purity extract component is what causes its COVID-blocking effect. This uses a unique recipe. The study’s findings did not imply that ingesting commercially available generic cannabis with CBD of various strengths and qualities added can offer COVID-19 protection.

From the Division of Cancer Research, Dr. Marsha Rossner According to a member of the research team, the notion of utilizing CBD to treat COVID-19 is coincidental. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. So, we reasoned that it could be able to stop the spread of COVID-19. The second phase, known as the “cytokine storm,” involves the immune system. The outcomes we discovered were considerably beyond our expectations. because it directly prevents the virus from multiplying in lung cells.

Such results were made by the researchers. Human lung cells were treated with non-toxic CBD dosages for 2 hours before being exposed to COVID-19 and afterward monitored.

They discovered that CBD prevented the virus from multiplying. Further research revealed that, in addition to the initial virus strain, CBD also had the same impact on three more virus strains and two additional cell types.

However, CBD has no effect on COVID-19’s capacity to enter the cell, meaning that it has no effect on the infection’s capacity to enter the cell. However, once within the cells, CBD will stop COVID-19 from multiplying. Approximately 6 hours after the virus entered the cell, early in the infection cycle

To demonstrate with evidence that CBD stops the COVID-19 virus from spreading in actual living animals As a result, the research team ran additional tests. It was discovered that infection in the lungs and nasal cavity of rats was suppressed by pretreating rat lung and nasal cells with CBD for 1 week prior to exposure to COVID-19.

These findings offer crucial backing for additional human clinical trials of CBD, according to Rossner.

Additionally, CBD’s success extends outside of the lab. Individuals utilizing oral CBD prescribed by doctors to treat epilepsy, according to an analysis of 1,212 patients from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative, reported fewer side effects. has a lower rate of COVID-19 test results that are positive compared to a sample of patients with comparable demographics who are not receiving CBD.

Clinical tests are required. However, we believe CBD may have therapeutic promise and are investigating if it is indeed useful in preventing or suppressing COVID-19 infection. Perhaps you reside in a region with frequent outbreaks. or you believe you might be infected or have a recent positive test These are the areas where CBD may be useful in treating COVID-19, according to Rossner.

The research team adds that only extremely concentrated and pure CBD extracted by professionals is effective against COVID-19. The cannabis plant contains a variety of other cannabinoids, including the psychotropic components THC, CBDA, and CBDV. Not as strong In fact, the efficiency of CBD is decreased when THC and CBD are combined in an equal amount.

Additionally, there are hazards associated with using CBD. Despite the fact that it seems secure when ingested with food or drinks, However, other practices, like smoking, might have unfavorable side effects. This includes potential lung and heart harm. Additionally, some populations, such as pregnant women, have not been adequately investigated when it comes to CBD. As a result, it should only be used under medical supervision.

But the study’s findings are fascinating. However, more research is required to ascertain the appropriate CBD dosage, as well as its safety and potential adverse effects, in order to effectively prevent COVID-19 infection in humans.

said Rossner. “We are keen to conduct this in some clinical trials. especially when the pandemic is still ongoing. proving CBD to be non-psychoactive, safe, and acceptable It is crucial to know whether or not it will work against the COVID-19 virus.


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