“Cannabiz Way” launched another company, hoping to share the hemp-related business share.

In order to highlight agricultural innovation from the upstream, a well-known Thanesuan business executive has established a new company called “Cannabiz Whey,” entering yet another fully developed hemp-related business circle in collaboration with Naresuan University.

The executive of Cannabiz Way Company Limited, Ms. Unarin Kitphaiboonthawee, said that the company has entered the hemp industry. the entire economy Develop integrated planting innovations to supply a water source with your attention. The market for health foods, food supplements, beverages, cosmetics, and pure CBD oil has been expanded with high-quality hemp containing CBD (cannabidiol). domestic and international markets

  Currently, the business is working with Naresuan University to develop an entire, high-quality hemp farming innovation. Innovations in cannabis agriculture, including hemp growing, are being studied and developed. High yields and high CBD content are characteristics of both native and foreign types. These varieties can regulate all aspects of production parameters, such as light, temperature, humidity, watering, fertilizing, and insect repellant systems. plant It is a portable planting apparatus. can be planted anywhere, any time, and in any weather. It is managed by a sophisticated agricultural system having the ability to set and regulate automated planting parameters Make agriculture a true economic endeavor.

Ms. Unarin continued by stating that she founded Cannabiz Whey Co., Ltd. by creating a program to advertise hemp and other economic crops in the media. Experience with integrated agriculture and business knowledge have been used to build on the hemp industry’s potential to boost the economy, as demonstrated by Megara’s most recent branding venture. However, they are interested in the hemp industry because they recognize the advantages of the CBD, an active component used in a variety of products. recognized globally and backed by research

For the current business 9,000 square meters of the largest Southeast Asian hemp have been planted, using smart farming technology to control light, air, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, water, as well as a system for repelling insects. Have partners prepared to buy raw materials. In addition to being a center for research and development of hemp and cannabis growing systems to get the essential substance, high CBD, finished and ready to open for people interested in the hemp business for the economy, it is anticipated that it will be able to grow 500,000 pounds of hemp and cannabis annually. As business partners, observe and join hands.


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