CBD (cannabidiol) extract products in Austria

Law and dealer

As was already established, Austria views the sale of hemp as an operation. executing contracts lawfully as long as the products on the market are not supplied by the store and do not include THC at all (or just in extremely small amounts).

However, there is relatively limited access to information and recommendations for the use or manufacturing of such compounds. CBD is primarily found in extracts, massage oils, aromatherapy sprays, and teas. The hemp used for sale must be from cultivars on the European Union (EU)-approved list of strains.

Sortenkatalog comes in more than 50 different varieties and has a maximum THC content of 0.3% varies depending on the product. based on each nation’s legal system). However, CBD products that may be purchased from ordinary retailers are solely meant for individual use. or a herbal alternative therapy

As a result, CBD products that are prescribed must be identified as medicines. to use in medicine and are only available through pharmacies. Currently, the goal of recently created CBD retailers is to satisfy consumer demand by providing standards that are both affordable and effective, consumers who are becoming more interested in alternative herbal remedies. Before being placed on the market, the obtained produce must undergo stringent quality checks.

It is not yet clear, though, whether the Austrian government will impose a ban. the sale of trees or seeds whether the prohibition is announced or not, hemp growers and business owners will be impacted.

There are numerous “grow shops” and entrepreneurs. Few businesses have already shifted their production hub to Italy shop illustration A distributor of CBD goods that are gaining popularity in Austria.

Because it aims to enter a variety of target markets, Magu Shop is one of the successful CBD product distributors in Vienna. It has been very successful since last year (2017). Additionally, there are physical stores and online product stores.

Hemp that is grown in Austria and Switzerland is used to make Magu’s. The EU Sortenkatalog lists this species as existing.

The store, however, focuses on items that are used in aromatherapy, which is a form of treatment that involves inhaling a volatile oil’s aroma.

It is not suggested that dried herbs, essential oils, oral ointments, or anything else be consumed or used internally.

items that are tea for drinking are not smoked.

Orange, banana, or a blend of different fruit plants like salvia flowers and mango peels, different Alps herbs like Rosemarin combined with orange peel and pepper, or a scent of banana or orange. The business’s founding team has recently developed an interest in studying the creation of cannabis seeds or plants that can be sold to consumers to grow at home.

.by generating outcomes that support permissible chemical composition

Mr. Nice Guy is a premier CBD retailer.

Another well-known company offering CBD products in Austria is Mr. Nice Guy, which has kept growing. The company has a production plant of its own in the area.

urban areas of Vienna Besides the several CBD products presently available In order to satisfy the needs of all consumer groups, there is also a product substitute for smoking devices as well as a distributor of CBD products from other brands.


The first CBD cafĂ© in Graz opened its doors at the Graserei store last year (2017),  Styria by

The decoration is similar to that of the Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

The atmosphere is relaxing and private. The highlight of this shop is

The use of CBD in coffee and desserts such as cookies and cakes

or brownies, etc. Glaserei stores also sell CBD products for

The main purpose is Aromatherapy as well as the shop.

Magu, but if the customer wants to bring products such as dried cannabis leaves

Smoking is considered an off-purpose use but not illegal.

The patrons of this store range from university students to senior citizens looking to meet friends and relax.

The examples of the stores mentioned above aim to shift the traditional view of consumers towards CBD in the direction of

more positive and change the image of the product by presenting properties to alleviate illness and good for health

More than entertainment consumption Or is it a drug that has intoxicating power alone? Including giving importance to important in providing information

knowledge of products for efficient consumption

For online CBD purchases, some websites do not Limited to customers located in Austria.

Only, however, customers must research the laws relating to CBD products in the country where they are being shipped in person before proceeding.

order. As for the payment methods, namely money transfer or via Bitcoin, as such business is still considered in the account.

Black credit card banks, especially US banks, where marijuana remains illegal in

many states


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