New cannabis and cannabis notices summary: Announcement of the Ministry of Public Health on identifying the names of narcotics of category 5 (No. 2), B.E. 2562

1. Marijuana” (cannabis) and “hemp” (hemp) are still narcotics of category 5.

2. The following are not considered “marijuana and hemp”

  • (1) dry bark, dry core, dry fiber and products thereof;
  • (2) 99% pure CBD with 0.01% THC
  • (3) CBD extracts or products derived from CBD extracts that are drugs or herbal products and contain THC compounds not more than 0.2%
  • (4) Hemp seed or hemp seed oil. used as food according to the law on food
  • (5) hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract, which are Cosmetics according to the Cosmetics Act

Note: the first 5 years, except for items 2 (2) (3) (4) and (5) must use raw materials “marijuana or Hemp that is allowed to grow in Thailand only.

3. Result of the announcement

Pure CBD substances, medicines or herbal products from CBD extracts that contain not more than 0.2% of THC. Foods containing hemp seeds or water Hempseed oil blends and cosmetics containing hempseed oil or extracts from mixed hemp seeds according to the above conditions It is not an offense under the law on narcotics.

4. Further actions

Ministry of Public Health Must issue announcements about drugs, herbs, food and cosmetics to set standards for the use of such seeds, oils or extracts as ingredients in medicines, herbs, food, and cosmetics


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