Thai law now allows Cannabis sales licenses

For a few months now hospitals all over the country have been applied for Cannabis sales licenses in Thailand. According to Khaosod more 200 have applied and got their licenses. Most of them government hospitals.

So far only the GPO (Governmental Pharmaceutical Organization) produces CBD oil and THC oil in Thailand for the few hospitals that actually started treating patients with those products. It’s important to note that the licenses sold are only for medical purposes and the government does not envision recreational sales.

As of now only hospitals that actually have real, qualified, staff and doctors on their payroll are eligible to apply for those licenses. The staff also needs to be trained accordingly.

So far there have been more than 800 medical professionals been trained and who received certificates by the DMS. After that they all have to register with the FDA. Until the end of the year there will be over 1000 of those trained professionals.

Everybody who can’t participate now will have to wait for an online trainings course which is still being developed.


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