Thailand apparently thinks about allowing weed to be grown at home

thai cbd

According to VICE an upcoming draft bill seeks to allow Thais to grow up to six marijuana plants in the comfort of their home.

Not long ago Thailand was the first country here in Southeast Asia to legalise medical marijuana. In June the first medical clinic opened in Bangkok and the government has been adjusting the rules ever since.

Vice continues to state that: “The Bhumanjaithai Party said they would file a draft bill this week that pushes for the legalisation of homegrown pot, the Bangkok Post reported. This comes in light of a public forum organised by the party that discussed how to reap the economic and medical benefits of marijuana.”

The aforementioned draft bill would allow households to grow a maximum of six cannabis plants for personal consumption. In order to pass the bill would need the support of at least 500 legislators. Lots of them seemed to be on board already.

Moreover Vice reports: “In conjunction with this proposal, Supachai said that the party also plans to submit another draft bill proposing the establishment of a “Narcotic Plants Institute.” The institute would oversee the research, development, imports, and exports of cannabis, and would be the entity in charge of granting permission for people to grow the plants in their homes.”


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