Thailand promotes marijuana and cannabis education with Dr. Ganja

dr ganja thailand

As cannabis and marijuana laws still always change in Thailand, the Thai health ministry now has come up with a plush toy character to encourage children to better understand Thailand’s current stance on the issue.

That up there is, indeed, a photo of the Thai PM holding a toy Dr Ganja doll that will be used to educate children across the country on marijuana and cannabis.

As we covered before, Thailand’s medical marijuana industry is set to become a 660 million US$ (around 20 billion baht) business by 2024. This seems to be a good reason for the Thai Health Ministry to introduce its new mascot “Dr. Ganja” – it will help educate people on the medical benefits of cannabis.

Important to remember though: Even though there’s a cute plush toy now, Thailand has not yet decriminalized the possession and trafficking of marijuana. You can still go to jail for this. So be aware.

Things might change again so as Thailand’s Deputy PM Anutin Charnvirakul is championing cannabis as a cash crop for Thai farmers. He wants to create cannabis plantations and processing facilities, and, furthermore, to promote local hospitals to become pioneers of medical cannabis.

He is is even openly discussing the legalization of recreational marijuana – which would be a complete 360 of the government’s decision from last year.

This past week the government opened Thailand’s first medical marijuana clinic, offering free cannabinoid oil and care to patients with a particular list of ailments, believed suitable for treatment with cannabinoid products. Hundreds of patients visited the clinic on the first day and thousands more have expressed interest through the clinic’s mobile app.

Community groups in the northeastern Buriram province are being encouraged to grow and cultivate medical grade cannabis to be delivered to a state-owned hospital. This is part of Anutin’s “Buriram Model,” intended as a prototype for cooperatives between farmers and medical institutions.

The Thai government has invested 100 million baht (3.3 million dollars) in the first indoor growing facility which opened last year, with a plan to produce one million bottles of cannabis oil by February 2020.


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