The Ministry of Public Health has issued 3 announcements to improve the requirements for food products containing hemp, hemp, and CBD extracts, effective today (October 22, 2022).

The Ministry of Public Health has made a statement, according to Ms. Trisulee Traisoranakun, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, today, October 22, 2022. The Food Act of 1979 stipulates that three copies must be made in order to update the specifications for food products containing cannabis or hemp. Food items with cannabidiol (CBD) extract as a component. On October 21, 2022, all three editions were published in the Royal Gazette and went into effect the next day. or starting on October 22, 2022

“Cannabis and hemp are being promoted and developed by the government as commercial crops. usage in industry and medicine All of which have been subject to legal regulation in an effort to realize the goals. It complies with the law on food as part of its usage in the production of food items. In accordance with the Food Act of 1979, the Ministry of Public Health has published a notification to regulate cannabis-infused food products. Hemp has been used for a long time. The prerequisites have been updated this time. “Ms. Trisulee said in order to be appropriate and take care of consumers and ensure that they consume products safely.

The first issue, according to Ms. Traisulee, was an amendment to the same announcement, No. 1, called Announcement of the Ministry of Public Health, No. 438, B.E. 2565, on food products that contain hemp or cannabis. The improvement of the quality standards and labeling of food goods containing hemp or hemp-derived products is made possible by (Announcement of the Ministry of Public Health, No. 427, B.E. 2564). and mandates that manufacturers who have already received authorization comply with this new announcement within two years of the announcement’s effective date.

The quality or criteria of Announcement No. 438 have been modified in this regard. Regarding food items containing hemp or hemp-derived components For foods supplied directly to consumers, it is distinctly defined. or cooks, packers, or distributors of food for sauces, blended liquids, dry fish sauce, and spice goods. Other food items must contain no more than 1.6 milligrams of THC and no more than 1.41 milligrams of CBD per packing unit, while seasoned brine must have no more than 0.0032 percent by weight of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and no more than 0.0028 percent of CBD.

Additionally, the specifications for the product’s labeling have been updated to be more precise, such as adding a warning that it shouldn’t be consumed in excess of the recommended amount per serving. It shouldn’t be combined with hemp- or hemp-containing food products. Clearly written help text Including the circumstance of goods that aren’t offered to customers directly. It must be very clear that you do not sell to consumers directly, etc.

Next, according to Ms. Traisulee, was the Ministry of Public Health’s announcement, No. 437, 2022, regarding hemp seeds and hemp seed oil. foods containing hemp seeds and hemp seed protein CBD hempseed oil The Ministry of Public Health Notification, No. 425, 2021, which is an amendment to the same announcement, issue 1, or hemp seed protein (2nd edition), which focuses on raising standards or quality. by removing restrictions on the amount of CBD present in edible hemp seeds CBD hempseed oil protein from hemp seed

additionally to updating the appendix on culinary items made with hemp seeds. products made with hempseed oil or hemp seed protein, such as breakfast cereals, baked goods, and dietary supplements According to Announcement No. 425, B.E. 2564, cereal drinks, excluding tea, coffee, herbal tea, and snacks, are no longer subject to the CBD content restriction while the THC content restriction remains in effect.

According to Ms. Trisulee, the Ministry of Public Health Announcement No. 439 of 2022 on foods containing cannabidiol extract as an ingredient is the third edition.

which updates the original announcement. No. 1 (Notification of the Ministry of Public Health, No. 429, B.E. 2564), which expanded the guidelines for the use of CBD extracts as food components to include the need to combine them with other chemicals that are not toxic to human health.

Entrepreneurs will benefit from more clarity if the Ministry of Public Health issues announcements to improve its three regulations. Consumers have also consumed safe products during this time. Entrepreneurs who manufacture food products containing cannabis or hemp are urged to thoroughly review the new regulations and adhere to them, according to Ms. Trisulee.


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