World Ganja Festival 2020 to be held in Thailand

Ya man! We’re opening up here in Thailand! Now that cannabis laws are becoming a tad bit more liberal in regards to medical use of marijuana lots of stakeholders obviously see the industry as a potential cash crop and now trying to cash in. The Association of Researchers of Thailand is now firmly on board and joins public and private members of the sector to organize the World Ganja Festival 2020.

The event will be held in Mukdahan, in far north-east Thailand, near the Laos border.

The Association of Researchers of Thailand has signed an agreement with the Thai Nationalism Foundation, the Journalist and Media Association of Thailand and provincial administrative organisations of Nakhon Phanom, Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan to hold the World Ganja Festival between January 29 and February 2 next year.

Via Thaiger

According to Gen. Charan Kullawanit, honorary adviser to the World Ganja Festival project, the festival is being held for the first time in Thailand, and will serve as a platform for people to exchange their knowledge of cannabis for medical use. The event will also help promote Thailand as a developer of top quality marijuana strains, which will contribute to the country’s economic growth.

“We’re the main host. Thailand’s the main host. We’re deciding who we will invite. The association chairperson said there’ll be Chinese, Japanese and American guests. They once opposed the idea. We’ll invite them so we can listen to their academic ideas, presentations and statements. We’ll see how the event will benefit the global community.”

The World Ganja Festival 2020 will be divided into three zones, covering academic seminars, technological innovations and business negotiations, as well as local wisdom from each province. The event will also feature a product design competition and music festival.


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